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Bookmarks Blind Guardian - «Тhе Fоrgоttеn Таlеs» (1996)

Group name:
Blind Guardian
Album Rating:
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Release Name:
Тhе Fоrgоttеn Таlеs

01. Mr. Sandman (The Chordettes cover)
02. Surfin' USA (The Beach Boys cover)
03. Bright Eyes (Acoustic vers.)
04. Lord Of The Rings (Orchestral vers.)
05. The Wizard (Uriah Heep cover)
06. Spread Your Wings (Queen cover)
07. Mordred's Song (Acoustic vers.)
08. Black Chamber (Orchestral vers.)
09. The Bard's Song (live)
10. Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally (Little Richard cover)
11. A Past and Future Secret
12. To France (Mike Oldfield cover)
13. Theatre Of Pain (Orchestral vers.)
14. Hallelujah (bonus' Deep Purple cover)
15. Beyond The Realms Of Death (bonus' Judas Priest cover)
16. Don't Talk To Strangers (bonus' Dio cover)
Time: 61:00

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