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Bookmarks Blind Guardian - «Веуоnd Тhе Rеd Мirrоr [Jараnеsе Еditiоn]» (2СD) [Jараnеsе Еditiоn] (2015)

Group name:
Blind Guardian
Album Rating:
  • +2
Release Name:
Веуоnd Тhе Rеd Мirrоr [Jараnеsе Еditiоn]

I. The Cleansing Of The Promised Land
01. The Ninth Wave
02. Twilight Of The Gods
II. The Awakening
03. Prophecies
04. At The Edge Of Time
III. Disturbance In The Here and Now
05. Ashes Of Eternity
IV. The Mirror Speaks
06. Distant Memories

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