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Bookmarks Derdian - «Rеvоlutiоn Еrа [Jараnеsе Еditiоn]» (2016)

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Rеvоlutiоn Еrа [Jараnеsе Еditiоn]

01. Overture (feat. Apollo Papathanasio)
02. Burn (feat. Henning Basse)
03. Beyond The Gate (feat. GL Perotti)
04. Battleplan (feat. Davide Damna Moras)
05. I Don't Wanna Die (feat. D.C. Cooper)
06. Screams Of Agony (feat. Mark Basile)
07. Lord Of War (feat. Fabio Lione)
08. Forevermore (feat. Terence Holler & Elisa C. Martin)
09. Eternal Light (feat. Roberto Ramon Messina)
10. The Hunter (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
11. Black Rose (feat. Andrea Bicego)
12. Incitement (feat. Leo Figaro)
13. New Era (feat. Elisa C. Martin)
14. Cage Of Light (feat. Apollo Papathanasio)
Time: 75:59

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