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Bookmarks Forlorn Citadel - «Ashen Dirge Of Kingslain» (2020)

Group name:
Forlorn Citadel
Album Rating:
  • +2
Release Name:
Ashen Dirge Of Kingslain
Record Label:
Northern Silence Productions

01. Glimmering Hearth To Ages Rekindled
02. Forthwith Thine Guildhelm Strong
03. Ancient Keepers Of Unending Entombment
04. Ashen Dirge Of Kingslain
05. Below The Grey Mist, Above The Forgotten
06. Blade Pried Whom’st Grasp Unyielding
07. Bedridden To Griefborn And Veinroot
08. Conquering The Gate Of Kazuth-Dol (Demo)

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