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Bookmarks Fit For An Autopsy - «The Great Collapse (Rain City Deluxe Version)» (2017)

Group name:
Fit For An Autopsy
Album Rating:
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Release Name:
The Great Collapse (Rain City Deluxe Version)
Record Label:
eOne Music

01. Hydra
02. Heads Will Hang
03. Black Mammoth
04. Terraform
05. Iron Moon
06. When The Bulbs Burn Out
07. Too Late
08. Empty Still
09. Spiral
10. Hydra (Live At Rain City)
11. Heads Will Hang (Live At Rain City)
12. Iron Moon (Live At Rain City)
13. Black Mammoth (Live At Rain City)
14. Do You See Him? (Live At Rain City)
15. The Jackal (Live At Rain City)
16. Saltwound (Live At Rain City)
17. Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell (Live At Rain City)
18. Flatlining (Live At Rain City)

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