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Stnd U nd Shut: h nthlg [2D]

01. Hoochie Koochie Lady ("Elf")
02. I'm Coming Back For You ("Elf")
03. Carolina County Ball ("Elf")
04. Man On The Silver Mountain ("Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow")
05. Startruck ("Rainbow")
06. Long Live Rock'n'Roll ("Rainbow")
07. Neon Knights ("Black Sabbath")
08. Children Of The Sea ("Black Sabbath")
09. Heaven and Hell ("Black Sabbath")
10. Turn Up The Night ("Black Sabbath")
11. The Sigh Of The Southern Cross ("Black Sabbath")
12. The Mob Rules ("Black Sabbath")
13. Computer God ("Black Sabbath")
14. Voodoo ("Black Sabbath" live' 82)
15. Sacred Heart (live' 85)

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