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Bookmarks Bob Mould - «Circle of Friends - Live at the 9:30 Club» (2007)

Group name:
Bob Mould
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Circle of Friends - Live at the 9:30 Club

01. The Act We Act (Sugar, Copper Blue)
02. A Good Idea (Sugar, Copper Blue)
03. Changes (Sugar, Copper Blue)
04. Circles (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
05. Paralyzed (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
06. I Am Vision, I Am Sound (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
07. Underneath Days (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
08. Hoover Dam (Sugar, Copper Blue)
09. See A Little Light (Bob Mould, Workbook)
10. High Fidelity (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
11. Hardly Getting Over It (Husker Du, Candy Apple Grey)
12. Could You Be The One? (Husker Du, Warehouse: Songs and Stories)
13. I Apologize (Husker Du, New Day Rising)
14. Chartered Trips (Husker Du, Zen Arcade)
15. The Receipt (Bob Mould, Modulate)
16. Best Thing (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
17. Celebrated Summer (Husker Du, New Day Rising)
18. Beating Heart The Prize (Bob Mould, Body of Song)
19. Egoverride (Bob Mould, Bob Mould)
20. If I Can't Change Your Mind (Sugar, Copper Blue)
21. Helpless (Sugar, Copper Blue)
22. Makes No Sense At All (Husker Du, Flip Your Wig)
23. Man On The Moon (Sugar, Copper Blue)

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