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Bookmarks Posehn - «Grandpa Metal» (2020)

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Album Rating:
  • +6
Release Name:
Grandpa Metal
Record Label:
Megaforce Records

01. Intro To Satan (feat. Jacob Bunton)
02. Satan’s Kind Of A Dick (feat. Scott Ian & Gary Holt)
03. Scary Nightmare
04. One Quarter Viking, Three Quarter’s Pussy” (feat. Scott Ian, Jon Donais & Johan Hegg)
05. Big Fat Rock (feat. Joe Trohman, Phil Demmel)
06. My Phone Call With Weird Al (feat. “Weird” Al Yankovic)
07. Take On Me (A-ha cover) (feat. Jill Janus, Chuck Billy, Brendon Small, Steve “Zetro” Souza, Rob Cavestany & Aiden Cavestany)
08. Grandpa Metal (feat. Scott Ian & Kim Thayil)
09. New Music Sucks (feat. Patrick Stump)
10. New Music Sucks Reprise (feat. Joe Trohman)
11. Goblin Love (feat. Scott Ian, Brendon Small & Jill Janus)
12. Monster Mosh (feat. Joe Trohman, Bumblefoot and Pearl Aday)
13. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) (Ylvis cover) (feat. Corey Taylor and Michael Starr)
14. Super Secret Track

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