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Bookmarks Hash Slinging Slasher - «Hash Slinging Slasher» (2020)

Group name:
Hash Slinging Slasher
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Release Name:
Hash Slinging Slasher
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01. Bloody Suds (feat. Jamerson Blomgren)
02. Not Living Like Larry (feat. Bryce Schedlbauer)
03. Spatula Dismemberment (feat. Daniel Macdonald)
04. Davey Jones'locker (feat. Michael O'hara)
05. Illumate (feat. Shane Radford)
06. The Krabs of the Krabby Patty (feat. Chase Holgate)
07. All Hail Plankton (feat. Bryce Schedlbauer)
08. Reclaiming the Crown (feat. Jordan Swickard)
09. Greedy Krabs (feat. Ruslan Akhmedov)
10. Patrick Thy Anticrist (feat. Matt Watkins & Daniel Macdonald)
11. Oh No He's Hot (feat. Roman Ferrell)
12. Still No Pickles (feat. Franklin Vega)
13. Try It Again (feat. Ruslan Akhmedov & Daniel Macdonld)
14. Neural Mind Control (Plan Z) [feat. Ricky Witte]
15. The Maniac (feat. Bryce Schedlbauer)
16. The Mysterys of Bikini Bottom (feat. Chase Holgate)
17. Doodle-Death (feat. Corey King)
18. That's Not My Wallet (feat. Bryce Schedlbauer)

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