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TNS Records

01. Unstable Picnic
02. I Thought I'd Walked in Shit but It Was a Child's Mitten
03. John Travolta Looks Like an Action Man Who's Been Put in a Microwave
04. You Can't Come in My Kayak
05. Doom & Gloom & Dio Room
06. I Haven't Had Crumpets in Ages and Now I Can Dance Really Well
07. Too Jittery for Magic
08. The Turtle Is in the Handbag
09. Are You Telling Me Ipswich Has No Fun Points?
10. The Only Good Wham Is a Wham Bar
11. The Sat-Nav Keeps Saying Cock Ring Road
12. I Opened a Beer with a Bible
13. I Want to Get a Chicken and Call It Shawn Michaels
14. I Thought I'd Come up with Something but I Think I May Have Just Written Mongaloid by Devo

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