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Bookmarks Tetragrammacide - «Third World Esoterrorism» (2019)

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Third World Esoterrorism
Record Label:
Iron Bonehead Productions

01. Menstrual Penetration of Swarming Intolerance
02. Wolves of Nuklear Impalement
03. Magnetized Excremental Cannibalism
04. Tetragrammacidal Oration
05. Baneful Abortion of the Cosmic Fetus
06. Wrathful Deities of Sinister A.I.-Chara
07. Enochian Esoteric Electrical Engineering
08. Chao-Gnostic Meta-Scientists of Saucerian Tantra
09. Pulsating Sudarshan Gammadion of Aiwasstronic Fishnu

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