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Bookmarks Flaming Row - «The Pure Shine» (2019)

Group name:
Flaming Row
Album Rating:
  • +1
Release Name:
The Pure Shine
Record Label:
Progressive Promotion Records

01. A Tower in the Clouds (4:51)
02. The Last Living Member (11:56)
I. A Mystical Structure
II. Roland Of Gilead
III. Maerlyn's Rainbow
03. Jake's Destiny (14:06)
I. The Painted Pictures
II. Relentless Pursuit
III. 1919 Midworld
04. The Sorcerer (17:37)
I. Evil Forces Of The Dark Side
II. Distracting Illusions
III. Arra
05. The Final Attempt (9:32)
06. The Gunslinger's Creed (15:20)
I. Roland's Revenge
II. The Sorcerer? Reign Of Darkness
III. The Secret Place Of No Return
IV. Our Savior

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