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Bookmarks Kakothanasy - «Dystomorph» (2019)

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Goatgrind Records

01. Prolegomeningitis Essential
02. Four Hazardous Intersideral Beings
03. Excelsior Extrophy Hex When Expunging An Extreme Hexad
04. An Unfortunate Attempt To Abort The Genetically Superiors Miscalculation
05. Entanglement Of A Disgruntled Dissymetrical Coprolith
06. As It Was Diving Through The Eternal Space On Its Insatiable Quest To Devour Planets And Manure New Born Stars
07. Synaptic Degradation Trauma Induces Symbiotic Euphoria
08. Egoskeptical Determination Through Face Swapping Deterioration
09. Neurosyphilis Metareboot

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