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Blood for the Blood God
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Massacre Records

Disc 1
01. Beasts of Balgeroth
02. Demonslayer
03. Butcherman
04. Ironclad Declaration of War
05. Slaughter the Devil
06. Gorezilla
07. Praise the Blood God
08. Torture Pit
09. Murdermaker
10. German Warmachine
11. Warmachines at War
12. Man in Blood
13. Enemy of Mankind
14. City of Bones
15. Let There Be Blood
16. The Unbroken
17. Beyond the Eternity Gate
18. Blood for the Blood God (Re-recorded) Disc 2
01. There Is Only War (Remix 2019)
02. Blood God Rising
03. Blood God Kills
04. Heavy Metal Monsternaut
05. Masters of the Killing Art
06. Slaughtercult of Carnagers
07. Killerbeast
08. Animal Holocaust
09. Back in Blood
10. Butcher of Bitches
11. Blowjob Barbie
12. Defenders of the Throne of Fire
13. Death Metal Warmachine
14. Lords of Battle
15. Warfare
16. Zombie Blitzkrieg
17. Metal on Metal
18. Kings of Carnage
19. Bloodcrushing Heavy Metal Disc 3
01. Slaughterman
02. Kill Maim Burn (Re-recorded)
03. Devourer of Worlds
04. Hordes of Chaos
05. Chainsaw Masturbation
06. The Fifth Battle
07. Wargrinder
08. Slaves to Darkness
09. Armies of Immortals
10. Continue to Kill
11. Wolves of the North
12. Honour and Courage
13. King of Killing
14. Blood For The Blood God (Pussy Version)
15. Take My Pain
16. To Hell
17. Rocker
18. Walking Glory Roads

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