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Ethical Waste
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Rotten Roll Rex

1. Pitchgrinder
2. Feasting On Freshly Fermented Female Genital
3. Lethal Semen Injection
4. Pusfilled Vaginalcanal
5. Chewing On Purulent Sordes Of Vaginal Tissue
6. Gushing Over Fresh Amputated Teats
7. Embedded On Putrid Chunks From A Decapitated Whore
8. Slime Stained Gore Miscarriage
9. Intercourse With A Deboned Corpse
10. Pus And Blood Was All She Got
11. Abusing A Slimefilled Rotten Body
12. Dick Flapped, Head Cracked
13. Lustfull Grinding Sorefretted Dicks
14. Abnormal Cervix Extirpation
15. Choking On Purulent Spunk
16. Sailing The Seas Of Menstrual Perversitys
17. Gagging On Dislocated Labium
18. Snotlubed Pussy Penetrator
19. Boltgunned To Massextinction
20. Purulent Thyroid Consumption
21. Exposed Penile Muscle
22. Not Dead Yet
23. Pulsating Blood Bladder
24. Transmorphed Hemipenis

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