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The Legend of Goat
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Fallen-Angels Productions
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Tracklist (01:10:58)
1. Intro - The Satan?s Path! 01:10 instrumental
2. Impurity in the Blood 01:33
3. Episcopal Disgrace 04:05
4. Grayish Land of desolation 04:30
5. Canonical Destruction 02:17
6. Preaching Mark of the Beast 02:55
7. Night Beasts 06:01
8. Night of Torment in the Cemetery 02:53
9. Anti - Dominical 02:32
10. The Black Angel Born at Dusk 02:31
11. Locus Macabrus 01:49
12. Intro (Live) 01:09 instrumental
13. Lucifer Vomiting Blasphemies Over christ's Head (Live in Paraguay 2017) 01:38
14. Cemetery Eyes (Live in Paraguay 2017) 02:50
15. Invocation Of The World Of Horrors (Live in Chile 2016) 04:52
16. Baphomet Shield (Live in Brazil BH 2003) 05:04
17. All In The Name Of Satan (Live in Argentina 2017) 04:08
18. The Firmament Of Fire (Live in Germany 2014) 04:42
19. Lamb's Fury (Live in Chile 2013) 05:39
20. Malediction (Live in Chile 2013) 02:16
21. Cult Anti Matutinal (Live in Japan 2015) 02:57
22. Sabat (Live in Japan 2015) 03:27

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