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Group name:
Gang Parade
Album Rating:
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Release Name:
Gang 2
Record Label:
T-Palette Records
Type of record:
Physical media:

CD-1 Gang 2 4:44
CD-2 ?? 3:38
CD-3 Gang 2 [instrumental] 4:44
CD-4 ?? [instrumental] 3:38
[Dvd] 2018?2?23???????Blitz???? Gang Parade?Making The Road?
DVD-1 Gang Parade Se
DVD-2 Beyond The Monuntain
DVD-3 ??????
DVD-4 ???????????
DVD-5 Are You Kidding?
DVD-6 Gang Parade
DVD-7 I Need You I Love You I Want You
DVD-8 ??????
DVD-9 Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky
DVD-10 ?????
DVD-11 Barely Last
DVD-12 We Are The Idol
DVD-13 Unit
DVD-14 3rd Floor Boyfriend
DVD-15 Sugar
DVD-16 Queen Of Pop
DVD-17 Winter Song
DVD-18 Tie
DVD-19 Pretty Pretty Good
DVD-20 Car Radio
DVD-21 Foul
DVD-22 Breaking The Road
DVD-23 Plastic 2 Mercy

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