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Bookmarks Secret Society - «Out of the Game» (2017)

Group name:
Secret Society
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Release Name:
Out of the Game
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01. Ride or Die (ft. Dido Vendetta/Face Up, George Expectations/Покой and SDB Vendetta/Piranha)
02. Trapped in the Past (ft. SDB Vendetta/Pirahna, Dido Vendetta/Face Up, Sven and Jos Get-Some and Chavesa ex-Last Hope/Redrum/Urban Grey)
03. Van Therapy (ft. Brad Trapped Under Ice/DC Disorder, John Connor Dog Eat Dog, Sven and Jos Get-Some, and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)
04. Practice What You Preach (ft. JR Next Step Up/Oldham Boys, Alex Last Hope and Sven Brothers in Blood/Get-Some)
05. 90s Hardcore Tribute (ft. Dewon Sinister DC, Dime Hardfaced and JR Next Step Up/Oldham Boys)
06. No Gods, No Masters (ft. Misho 2, George Expectations/Покой and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)
07. Studio Rat (ft. Mike Schleibaum Darkest Hour/Battery, Dewon Sinister DC, Dime Hardfaced, JR Next Step Up and John Connor Dog Eat Dog)
08. Marginalized (ft. John Connor Dog Eat Dog and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)
09. PC Smile (ft. Itzo Indignity, Stambeto Indignity/Another Day and Chavesa ex-Last Hope/Redrum/Urban Grey)
10. Hello from the Gutter (ft. Chavesa ex-Last Hope, John Connor Dog Eat Dog, Dime Hardfaced and JR Next Step Up)
11. Better Save Yourself (ft. Alex Last Hope and Boro Meanstream)
12. 20 Years More (ft. Stoyan BFH/Adriatic, Sammy Sharks and Vasil Rusev-Chaikata Tumno/Panaka/Bicheto)

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