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Bookmarks Dimmu Borgir - «Forces of the Northern Night» (2017)

Group name:
Dimmu Borgir
Album Rating:
  • +10
Release Name:
Forces of the Northern Night
Record Label:
Nuclear Blast
Type of record:
Live album
Physical media:

1. Xibir (Orchestra Only, Live in Oslo)
2. Born Treacherous (Live in Oslo)
3. Gateways (Live in Oslo)
4. Dimmu Borgir (Orchestra Only, Live in Oslo)
5. Dimmu Borgir (Live in Oslo)
6. Chess with the Abyss (Live in Oslo)
7. Ritualist (Live in Oslo)
8. A Jewel Traced Through Coal (Live in Oslo)
9. Eradication Instincts Defined (Orchestra Only, Live in Oslo)
10. Vredesbyrd (Live in Oslo)
11. Progenies of the Great Apocalypse (Live in Oslo)
12. The Serpentine Offering (Live in Oslo)
13. Fear and Wonder (Orchestra Only, Live in Oslo)
14. Kings of the Carnival Creation (Live in Oslo)
15. Puritania (Live in Oslo)
16. Mourning Palace (Live in Oslo)
17. Perfection or Vanity (Orchestra Only, Live in Oslo)

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