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Group name:
Beef Conspiracy
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United Kingdom
Release Name:
A Jigsaw Of A Flock Of Geese
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01. Hot Sausage Coma - 04:07
02. Dismemberment of a Haemophiliac - 01:55
03. Reach for the Word - 00:49
04. Foreplay of the Dead - 01:55
05. Jam or Butter, not Both - 04:00
06. Beneath My Skin - 02:40
07. A Jigsaw of a Flock of Geese - 01:14
08. Spunky Beefcake - 02:09
09. It Fell to the Pavement from that with Doth Befoul - 00:30
10. Nothing Says I Love You Like a Chainsaw Injury to the Head - 01:06
11. Entrails for Decor - 01:59
12. Beef Denied - 02:15
13. Badgers Ate My Dog - :34
14. Nobody Knew that the Wig Was Made of Spiders - 00:17
15. Steak Shaped Cake Tin - 03:20
16. You Don't Start with a Fist - 03:22
17. Brown Lips - 00:35
18. My Meat, Your Baps - 00:53

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