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Bookmarks Internal Suffering - «Cyclonic Void Of Power» (2016)

Group name:
Internal Suffering
Album Rating:
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Release Name:
Cyclonic Void Of Power
Record Label:
Unique Leader Records
Type of record:
Physical media:

1. Ride the Mountains of Madness (Introduction)
2. Unleash the Antarctic Colossus (Prevail in the Universe with Crowning Might… Kadath is the Vortex!)
3. Omnipotent Triumvirate (The Second Call of Cthulhu | Heirs of Might)
4. Vanished from Cosmos (Parallel Orb Inception… Expelled from the Nebula!)
5. Monumental Crusade (Portal of Universal Secrets | Revitalized into… Amenta!)
6. Dimension of the Wicked (Creation of Phenomenal Existence… Into the Tunnels of Set!)
7. Upon Mystical Gateways (Defeat the Primal Fear… Unity Lies Beyond the Cosmos!)
8. Cyclonic Void of Power (One with Eternity | Outer Gateways)
9. Abominable Highlands (Into the Monolithic Citadel of Nyarlathotep!)
10. Protectors of the Slumber Empire (Inhabitants of the Watchtower | Polaris in the Sky)
11. ?rbitas ancestrales de poder (Vor?gine de la negaci?n | Efigie de lo supremo… 333!)

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